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Linux Mint Essentials

By : Jay LaCroix
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Linux Mint Essentials

By: Jay LaCroix

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Linux Mint Essentials
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Editing MP3 tags

MP3 files contain metadata that music managers such as Banshee read from when sorting the files into their databases. These are known as ID3 Tags and are embedded into the MP3 files themselves. If this metadata ever becomes inconsistent, you may end up with invalid data in your music player. Examples of this might be a song being listed with an incorrect track number or a typo in the album title that causes the files to be read under two different albums. Editing MP3 tags is especially useful after ripping a CD. Most of the time, even despite entering the proper information into a program such as Asunder, you'll end up with some missing information.

Banshee has some capability of correcting metadata issues. If you click on Tools at the top of the Banshee Media Player window, there is a selection named Fix Music Metadata. If you click on it, you'll see a new screen where you'll be shown any inconsistent data that leads to duplicate artist names, album names, or genres. Here...