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(MCTS) Microsoft BizTalk Server (70-595) Certification and Assessment Guide: Second Edition

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(MCTS) Microsoft BizTalk Server (70-595) Certification and Assessment Guide: Second Edition

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(MCTS) Microsoft BizTalk Server (70-595) Certification and Assessment Guide Second Edition
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Integrating Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services

  1. Stephen has just deployed a new application in HWLC's Production environment. This particular application uses a Custom Behavior to authenticate the service requests from a third-party Customer Relationship System (CRM). He needs to specify this endpoint behavior for this service, but is unable to modify the server's machine.config file. Where else can he register this endpoint behavior?

    1. Registry

    2. BTSNTSvc.exe.config

    3. WCF Send Handler

    4. Web.config

  2. Kim, an HWLC BizTalk developer, has been asked to consume a third-party Web Service over the Internet that is written in Java hosted on the Unix platform. Which WCF binding do you suggest her to use?

    1. BasicHttpBinding

    2. NetTcpBinding

    3. NetNamedPipeBinding

    4. NetPeerTcpBinding

  3. Alan has just developed a BizTalk Application that will communicate with a third-party financing WCF Service. At the last minute, the third-party financing company added a new root node to their existing Request Schema. Alan's application has just gone live and he is receiving errors due to a mismatch between the message that he is sending, and the message that the third-party financing application is expecting. What should Alan do to solve this problem without deploying any application(s)?

    1. Re-consume the WCF Service from Visual Studio, recompile, and deploy the application

    2. In the Send Port, specify an Outbound WCF Message Body Template and include this new root node

    3. Change the existing Send Port to use the PassThruTransmit Pipeline

    4. Build another WCF Service to intercept the BizTalk request and then pass through a request that conforms to the third-party financing application's specification

  4. You have just exposed a BizTalk Orchestration as a WCF Service to IIS and have enabled anonymous access to the service. You have started the application in the BizTalk Administration Console and all the required Host Instances have been started. When you browse to your WCF Service's URL in a Web Browser, you are presented with an error. What could the problem be? Here are few options:

    1. You have not restarted IIS.

    2. You need to add your username to the authorization section of the service's Web.config.

    3. The Default Application Pool's identity does not have sufficient permissions. You need to create and use an Application Pool that uses the same identity as the BizTalk Isolated Host Instance.

    4. WCF Services cannot have anonymous access enabled.

  5. Javid has just finished exposing his BizTalk Orchestration as a WCF Service using the BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard. He has also deployed his application to his BizTalk Server and ensured all related assemblies have been added to the Global Assembly Cache. Calvin, a business analyst with HWLC, has just informed Javid that he needs to add another field to his Web Service Request Schema called DateRequiredBy. Javid has added this field to his Web Service Request Schema, compiled his BizTalk Solution, and has then re-run the BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard. When prompted, he selects the updated BizTalk assembly that includes his Web Service Request Schema and new DateRequiredBy field. In Javid's test application, he consumes his updated Web Service to discover that his DateRequiredBy field has not been published. What must he do in order to have the DateRequiredBy field published?

    1. Before re-running the BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard, he needs to restart his Host Instance that he has configured his Orchestration to use

    2. He must restart Internet Information Services (IIS) after re-publishing his WCF Service

    3. Before re-running the BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard, Javid must add his updated assembly that contains his Schema to the GAC

    4. In order to update a WCF Service that has been exposed by the BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard, he must delete the original Virtual Directory from IIS

  6. Fred needs to expose a web service from BizTalk Server 2013 that must be securely accessible to partners using the service from the Internet. The service must be using the most interoperable binding. How should Fred accomplish this?

    1. He should use WCF-BasicHttp

    2. He should use WCF-NetTcpRelay

    3. He should use WCF-BasicHttpRelay

    4. He should use WCF-WebHttpRelay