Book Image Enterprise Architecture

By : Andrew Fawcett
Book Image Enterprise Architecture

By: Andrew Fawcett

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Object-oriented programming

One of the big advantages of using Apex classes is the ability to leverage the power of OOP. OOP allows you to observe commonalities in data or behavior across your objects to share code or apply common processing across different objects.

An example of such a commonality in the Formula1 world are rules; every aspect of the sport has a set of rules and regulations to comply with, such as drivers owning a FIA Super License, the weight of the car they drive should be at least above a defined minimum, and ensuring that a team has not exceeded the maximum distance in testing their cars. Such compliances are checked regularly, both before and after a race.

Creating a compliance application framework

In our FormulaForce application, we want to create a compliance framework that will check these regulations across the different objects while also providing a consistent user interface experience for the end user to verify compliance. The initial requirement is to place...