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Learning Shell Scripting with Zsh

By : Gaston Festari
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Learning Shell Scripting with Zsh

By: Gaston Festari

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (13 chapters)


In this chapter we had a look at some of the most prominent time-saving features of zsh. The purpose of this entry in our shell adventure was to start accomplishing more by typing less. Thus, this chapter focused on understanding aliases, how they work, and how to roll our own keystroke-saving definitions in a way that won't cause more trouble than what they attempt to solve.

We then moved onto expansions, learning the ways of arithmetic and brace expansion in order to make command-line related chores feel more like a breeze. Finally, we took a closer look at how to work with history, going beyond the keyboard arrow-mashing approach and learning history expansion and event designators in order to avoid repeating ourselves into oblivion.

By now you should have a fairly solid notion regarding the following:

  • Aliases: We learned what an alias is and how to define a useful shortcut for our commands together with a handful of tips to start your collection.

  • Parameter expansion, command substitution...