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CentOS System Administration Essentials

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CentOS System Administration Essentials

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CentOS System Administration Essentials
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When is the root filesystem not the root filesystem?

We now need to break down the menu entries within the file, identifying the core components so that we can understand how they relate to the system and, most importantly, how we can correct errors.

Editing stanzas in GRUB

Each entry in the GRUB menu is known as a stanza, and each stanza will start with the title word, containing three directives as follows:

  • root

  • kernel

  • initd

The title of the stanza also becomes the displayed item in the menu. Let's consider a stanza that begins with the following title:

title CentOS 6.5 OS

The menu will display CentOS 6.5 OS as the selectable item, and it is important to note that we do not add quotes around the text as they will also be displayed to the user. This is unless, of course, you want or need to display these quotes; we are most certainly not quote unfriendly at Packt Publishing!

Adding a root entry to a stanza

Directly following the stanza title will be a line that starts with the root directive...