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Mastering Linux Kernel Development

By : CH Raghav Maruthi
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Mastering Linux Kernel Development

By: CH Raghav Maruthi

Overview of this book

Mastering Linux Kernel Development looks at the Linux kernel, its internal arrangement and design, and various core subsystems, helping you to gain significant understanding of this open source marvel. You will look at how the Linux kernel, which possesses a kind of collective intelligence thanks to its scores of contributors, remains so elegant owing to its great design. This book also looks at all the key kernel code, core data structures, functions, and macros, giving you a comprehensive foundation of the implementation details of the kernel’s core services and mechanisms. You will also look at the Linux kernel as well-designed software, which gives us insights into software design in general that are easily scalable yet fundamentally strong and safe. By the end of this book, you will have considerable understanding of and appreciation for the Linux kernel.
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High-level interrupt-management interfaces

The generic IRQ layer provides a set of function interfaces for device drivers to grab IRQ descriptors and bind interrupt handlers, release IRQs, enable or disable interrupt lines, and so on. We will explore all of the generic interfaces in this section.

Registering an interrupt handler


 * request_irq - allocate an interrupt line
 * @irq: Interrupt line to allocate
 * @handler: Function to be called when the IRQ occurs.
 * @irqflags: Interrupt type flags
 * @devname: An ascii name for the claiming device
 * @dev_id: A cookie passed back to the handler function
 int request_irq(unsigned int irq, irq_handler_t handler, unsigned long flags,
                 const char *name, void *dev);

request_irq() instantiates an irqaction object with values passed as parameters and binds it to the irq_desc specified as the first (irq) parameter. This call allocates interrupt resources and enables the interrupt...