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Learning Azure Functions

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Learning Azure Functions

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Functions help you easily run small pieces of code in cloud with Azure functions without worrying about a whole application or the infrastructure to run it. With Azure functions, you can use triggers to execute your code and bindings to simplify the input and output of your code. This book will start with the basics of Azure Functions. You will learn the steps to set up the environment and the tools that we will be using in the further chapters. Once you have a better understanding of this, we will be creating our first hello world function app. Later you will be introduced to triggers, how they are used to activate a function, and how binding can be used to output results of a function.You will also explore the steps to create an assembly with complex functionality that can be used by functions. Next, this book will teach you to scale your functions and use them to process data, integrate systems, and build simple APIs and microservices. Finally, this book will cover some diagnostic techniques with Azure App services and best practices of working with Azure Functions. By the end of this book, you will be well-versed with the techniques of scaling your Azure functions and making the most of serverless architecture.
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Ruben Oliva Ramos is a computer systems engineer from Tecnologico of León Institute, with a master's degree in computer and electronic systems engineering, teleinformatics and networking specialization from University of Salle Bajio in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico. He has more than 5 years of experience in developing web applications to control and monitor devices connected with Arduino and Raspberry Pi using web frameworks and cloud services to build the Internet of Things applications.

He is a mechatronics teacher at University of Salle Bajio and teaches students on the master's degree in design and engineering of mechatronics systems, also works at Centro de Bachillerato Tecnologico Industrial 225 in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico, teaching subjects such as electronics, robotics and control, automation, and microcontrollers on Mechatronics Technician Career, Consultant and developer projects in areas such as monitoring systems and datalogger data using technologies such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, HTML5, PHP, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, Angular, ASP .NET databases: SQlite, mongoDB, MySQL, WEB Servers: Node.js, IIS, hardware programming: Arduino, Raspberry pi, Ethernet Shield, GPS and GSM/GPRS, ESP8266, control and monitor Systems for data Acquisition and Programming.

He has written a book for Packt Publishing titled Internet of Things Programming with JavaScript. He has also written Monitoring, Controlling, and Acquisition of Data with Arduino and Visual Basic .NET for Alfaomega.


I would like to thank my savior and lord, Jesus Christ, for giving me strength and courage to pursue this project; to my dearest wife, Mayte; our two lovely sons, Ruben and Dario; to my dear father, Ruben; my dearest mom, Rosalia; my brother, Juan Tomas; and my sister, Rosalia, whom I love, for all their support while reviewing this book, for allowing me to pursue my dream and tolerating not being with them after my busy day job.


I’m very grateful to Pack Publishing for giving me the opportunity to collaborate as an author and reviewer, to belong to this honest and professional team.


Florian Klaffenbach started in 2004 with his IT career as first and second level IT support technician and IT salesman trainee for a B2B online shop. After that, he changed to a small company working as IT project manager, planning, implementing, and integrating from industrial plants and laundries into enterprise IT. After spending some years, he changed his path to Dell Germany. There he started from scratch as an enterprise technical support analyst and later worked on a project to start Dell technical communities and support over social media in Europe and outside of the U.S. Currently, he is working as technology solutions professional for Microsoft specialized on hybrid microsoft cloud infrastructure.

In addition to his job, he is active as a Microsoft blogger and lecturer. He blogs, for example, on his own page or Brocade Germany Community. Together with a very good friend, he founded the Windows Server User Group, Berlin, to create network of Microsoft ITPros in Berlin. Florian is maintaining a very tight network to many vendors such as Cisco, Dell, or Microsoft and Communities. This helps him to grow his experience and to get the best out of a solution for his customers. Since 2016, he is also the co-chairman of the Azure Community, Germany. In April 2016, Microsoft awarded Florian as the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Cloud and Datacenter Management. In 2017, after joining Microsoft, Florian became an MVP reconnect member.

Florian worked for several companies and Microsoft partners such as Dell Germany, CGI Germany, and msg services ag. Now he has joined Microsoft Germany in a technical presales role and supports customers to get started with hybrid cloud infrastructures and topics.

He has also reviewed the following books for Packt:

  • Microsoft Azure Storage Essentials
  • Mastering Microsoft Azure Development