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Amazon Fargate Quick Start Guide

By : Deepak Vohra
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Amazon Fargate Quick Start Guide

By: Deepak Vohra

Overview of this book

Amazon Fargate is new launch type for the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). ECS is an AWS service for Docker container orchestration. Docker is the de facto containerization framework and has revolutionized packaging and deployment of software. The introduction of Fargate has made the ECS platform serverless. The book takes you through how Amazon Fargate runs ECS services composed of tasks and Docker containers and exposes the containers to the user. Fargate has simplified the ECS platform. We will learn how Fargate creates an Elastic Network Interface (ENI) for each task and how auto scaling can be enabled for ECS tasks. You will also learn about using an IAM policy to download Docker images and send logs to CloudWatch. Finally, by the end of this book, you will have learned about how to use ECS CLI to create an ECS cluster and deploy tasks with Docker Compose.
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