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Getting Started with Hazelcast

By : Matthew Johns
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Getting Started with Hazelcast

By: Matthew Johns

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Getting Started with Hazelcast
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Discovery – the Amazonian way

Like we mentioned in the previous section, the network fabric supporting the public cloud infrastructure tends to avoid allowing low-level network features that create the possibility of security concerns; this includes broadcast and multicast. However, in the case of Amazon's AWS elastic cloud offering, there are quite a few custom API services that can be used to programmatically control and integrate what has been deployed. To enable non-static but non-multicast discovery, a wrapper to specifically harness EC2's management APIs has been created, and is provided as part of the hazelcast-cloud-2.6.jar file.

Using this, we can configure this capability once this package has been added to the classpath, using the following configuration:

      <aws enabled="true">