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Hadoop Blueprints

By : Anurag Shrivastava, Tanmay Deshpande
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Hadoop Blueprints

By: Anurag Shrivastava, Tanmay Deshpande

Overview of this book

If you have a basic understanding of Hadoop and want to put your knowledge to use to build fantastic Big Data solutions for business, then this book is for you. Build six real-life, end-to-end solutions using the tools in the Hadoop ecosystem, and take your knowledge of Hadoop to the next level. Start off by understanding various business problems which can be solved using Hadoop. You will also get acquainted with the common architectural patterns which are used to build Hadoop-based solutions. Build a 360-degree view of the customer by working with different types of data, and build an efficient fraud detection system for a financial institution. You will also develop a system in Hadoop to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Build a churn detection system for a telecom company, develop an Internet of Things (IoT) system to monitor the environment in a factory, and build a data lake – all making use of the concepts and techniques mentioned in this book. The book covers other technologies and frameworks like Apache Spark, Hive, Sqoop, and more, and how they can be used in conjunction with Hadoop. You will be able to try out the solutions explained in the book and use the knowledge gained to extend them further in your own problem space.
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Hadoop Blueprints
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About the Authors

Anurag Shrivastava is an entrepreneur, blogger, and manager living in Almere near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He started his IT journey by writing a small poker program on a mainframe computer 30 years back, and he fell in love with software technology. In his 24-year career in IT, he has worked for companies of various sizes, ranging from Internet start-ups to large system integrators in Europe.

Anurag kick-started the Agile software movement in North India when he set up the Indian business unit for the Dutch software consulting company Xebia. He led the growth of Xebia India as the managing director of the company for over 6 years and made the company a well-known name in the Agile consulting space in India. He also started the Agile NCR Conference, which has become a heavily visited annual event on Agile best practices, in the New Delhi Capital Region.

Anurag became active in the big data space when he joined ING Bank in Amsterdam as the manager of the customer intelligence department, where he set up their first Hadoop cluster and implemented several transformative technologies, such as Netezza and R, in his department. He is now active in the payment technology and APIs, using technologies such as Node.js and MongoDB.

Anurag loves to cycle on the reclaimed island of Flevoland in the Netherlands. He also likes listening to Hindi film music.

I would like to thank my wife, Anjana, and daughter, Anika, for putting up with my late-night writing sessions and skipping of weekend breaks. I also would like to thank my parents and teachers for their guidance in life.

I would like to express my gratitude to colleagues at Xebia and Daan Teunissen, where I learned about the value of technical writing from colleagues, who inspired me to work on this book project. I would like to thank all the mentors that I’ve had over the years. I would like to express thanks and gratitude to Amir Arooni, my boss at ING Bank, who provided me time and opportunity to work on big data and, later on, this book. I also give thanks to the Packt team and the coauthor, Tanmay, who provided help and guidance in the whole process.

Tanmay Deshpande is a Hadoop and big data evangelist. He's interested in a wide range of technologies, such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, NoSQL databases, Mahout, Sqoop, Java, and cloud computing. He has vast experience in application development in various domains, such as finance, telecoms, manufacturing, security, and retail. He enjoys solving machine learning problems and spends his time reading anything he can get his hands on. He has a great interest in open source technologies and promotes them through his lectures. He has been invited to various computer science colleges to conduct brainstorming sessions with students on the latest technologies. Through his innovative thinking and dynamic leadership, he has successfully completed various projects. Tanmay is currently working with Schlumberger as the lead big data developer. Before Schlumberger, Tanmay worked with Lumiata, Symantec, and Infosys.

Tanmay is the author of books such as Hadoop Real World Solutions Cookbook-Second Edition, DynamoDB Cookbook, and Mastering DynamoDB, all by Packt Publishing.

I would like to thank my family and the Almighty for supporting me throughout my all adventures.