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Practical Machine Learning

By : Sunila Gollapudi
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Practical Machine Learning

By: Sunila Gollapudi

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This book explores an extensive range of machine learning techniques uncovering hidden tricks and tips for several types of data using practical and real-world examples. While machine learning can be highly theoretical, this book offers a refreshing hands-on approach without losing sight of the underlying principles. Inside, a full exploration of the various algorithms gives you high-quality guidance so you can begin to see just how effective machine learning is at tackling contemporary challenges of big data This is the only book you need to implement a whole suite of open source tools, frameworks, and languages in machine learning. We will cover the leading data science languages, Python and R, and the underrated but powerful Julia, as well as a range of other big data platforms including Spark, Hadoop, and Mahout. Practical Machine Learning is an essential resource for the modern data scientists who want to get to grips with its real-world application. With this book, you will not only learn the fundamentals of machine learning but dive deep into the complexities of real world data before moving on to using Hadoop and its wider ecosystem of tools to process and manage your structured and unstructured data. You will explore different machine learning techniques for both supervised and unsupervised learning; from decision trees to Naïve Bayes classifiers and linear and clustering methods, you will learn strategies for a truly advanced approach to the statistical analysis of data. The book also explores the cutting-edge advancements in machine learning, with worked examples and guidance on deep learning and reinforcement learning, providing you with practical demonstrations and samples that help take the theory–and mystery–out of even the most advanced machine learning methodologies.
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Practical Machine Learning
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Can machines think? This question has fascinated scientists and researchers around the world. In the 1950s, Alan Turing shifted the paradigm from "Can machines think?" to "Can machines do what humans (as thinking entities) can do?". Since then, the field of Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence continues to be an exciting topic and considerable progress has been made.

The advances in various computing technologies, the pervasive use of computing devices, and resultant Information/Data glut has shifted the focus of Machine learning from an exciting esoteric field to prime time. Today, organizations around the world have understood the value of Machine learning in the crucial role of knowledge discovery from data, and have started to invest in these capabilities.

Most developers around the world have heard of Machine learning; the "learning" seems daunting since this field needs a multidisciplinary thinking—Big Data, Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Sunila has stepped in to fill this void. She takes a fresh approach to mastering Machine learning, addressing the computing side of the equation-handling scale, complexity of data sets, and rapid response times.

Practical Machine Learning is aimed at being a guidebook for both established and aspiring data scientists/analysts. She presents, herewith, an enriching journey for the readers to understand the fundamentals of Machine learning, and manages to handhold them at every step leading to practical implementation path.

She progressively uncovers three key learning blocks. The foundation block focuses on conceptual clarity with a detailed review of the theoretical nuances of the disciple. This is followed by the next stage of connecting these concepts to the real-world problems and establishing an ability to rationalize an optimal application. Finally, exploring the implementation aspects of latest and best tools in the market to demonstrate the value to the business users.

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