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Learning Bitcoin

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Learning Bitcoin

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Learning Bitcoin
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Chapter 3. Protecting Your Bitcoins


"The governments of the world have spent hundreds and hundreds of trillions of dollars bailing out a decaying, dickensian, outmoded system called banking, when the solution to the future of finance is peer-to-peer. It's going to be alternative currencies like bitcoin and it's not actually going to be a banking system as we had before 2008."

 --Patrick Young - financial analyst

Up to this point, we have explored various ways to buy and sell bitcoin using an online exchange and wallet. Online wallets offer an easy-to-use system for storing bitcoins. However, the real purpose of Bitcoin is to ensure an individual's ability to store and protect his/her own money.

In this chapter, we will explore ways to safely hold your own bitcoin. We will cover the following topics:

  • Storing your bitcoins

  • Working with brainwallet

  • Understanding deterministic wallets

  • Storing Bitcoins in cold storage

  • Good housekeeping with Bitcoin