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NoSQL Data Models

By : Olivier Pivert
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NoSQL Data Models

By: Olivier Pivert

Overview of this book

Big Data environments are now to be handled in most current applications, this book addresses the latest issues and hurdles that are encountered in such environments. The book begins by presenting an overview of NoSQL languages and systems. Then, you’ll evaluate SPARQL queries over large RDF datasets and devise a solution that will use the MapReduce framework to process SPARQL graph patterns. Next, you’ll handle the production of web data, generate a set of links between two different datasets and overcome different heterogeneity problems. Moving ahead, you’ll take the multi-graph based approach to overcome challenges faced by the RDF data management community. Finally, you’ll deal with the flexible querying of graph databases and textual data management. By the end of this book, you’ll have gathered essential information on big data challenges faced by NoSQL databases.
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2.3. SPARQL query processing

RDF has become a de facto standard for publishing information and knowledge on the Web. Compared to other standards such as XML or JSON, RDF facilitates in particular the integration of information by linking RDF resources of separate data sets through owl:sameAs, rdf:type, and rdfs:subClassOf properties. The resulting Semantic Web of linked open data (LOD) sets is composed of billions of triples, and building systems for efficiently storing and querying the Semantic Web is a technological and scientific challenge reminiscent of other Big Data applications.

2.3.1. SPARQL with and without RDF/S entailment

The first challenge concerns the interaction between SPARQL’s graph pattern matching semantics and RDF’s data model semantics defined by the RDF/S entailment rules. There mainly exist two solutions to evaluating a query Q over a data set D and a set of entailment rules R. The first solution is to first saturate D by recursively applying all...