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Blockchain for Enterprise

By : Narayan Prusty
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Blockchain for Enterprise

By: Narayan Prusty

Overview of this book

The increasing growth in blockchain use is enormous, and it is changing the way business is done. Many leading organizations are already exploring the potential of blockchain. With this book, you will learn to build end-to-end enterprise-level decentralized applications and scale them across your organization to meet your company's needs. This book will help you understand what DApps are and how the blockchain ecosystem works, via real-world examples. This extensive end-to-end book covers every blockchain aspect for business and for developers. You will master process flows and incorporate them into your own enterprise. You will learn how to use J.P. Morgan’s Quorum to build blockchain-based applications. You will also learn how to write applications that can help communicate enterprise blockchain solutions. You will learn how to write smart contracts that run without censorship and third-party interference. Once you've grasped what a blockchain is and have learned about Quorum, you will jump into building real-world practical blockchain applications for sectors such as payment and money transfer, healthcare, cloud computing, supply chain management, and much more.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
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Chapter 8. Building a Payment Solution for Banks

Today, there are lots of apps and services developed by banks and other FinTech companies that let us send and accept payments. But we don't have an app out there that makes sending and receiving money as easy as sending and receiving text messages. Although Bitcoin and other cryptocoins make it really easy to send and receive payments around the world, they cannot be mainstream now because of  volatility and regulatory issues. In this chapter, we will build a P2P payment system that makes it very easy to send and receive InterBank payments and also makes clearance and settlement between banks near real-time and simple. While building the solution, we will also learn of various banking and finance concepts. 

In this chapter, we'll learn the following:

  • How clearance and settlement between banks is done for domestic and international InterBank electronic transfers
  • How the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) system...