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Blockchain for Enterprise

By : Narayan Prusty
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Blockchain for Enterprise

By: Narayan Prusty

Overview of this book

The increasing growth in blockchain use is enormous, and it is changing the way business is done. Many leading organizations are already exploring the potential of blockchain. With this book, you will learn to build end-to-end enterprise-level decentralized applications and scale them across your organization to meet your company's needs. This book will help you understand what DApps are and how the blockchain ecosystem works, via real-world examples. This extensive end-to-end book covers every blockchain aspect for business and for developers. You will master process flows and incorporate them into your own enterprise. You will learn how to use J.P. Morgan’s Quorum to build blockchain-based applications. You will also learn how to write applications that can help communicate enterprise blockchain solutions. You will learn how to write smart contracts that run without censorship and third-party interference. Once you've grasped what a blockchain is and have learned about Quorum, you will jump into building real-world practical blockchain applications for sectors such as payment and money transfer, healthcare, cloud computing, supply chain management, and much more.
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About the author

Narayan Prusty is the founder and CTO of BlockCluster, world's first blockchain management system. He has five years of experience in blockchain. He specializes in Blockchain, DevOps, Serverless, and JavaScript. His commitment has led him to build scalable products for start-ups, governments, and enterprises across India, Singapore, USA, and UAE. He is enthusiastic about solving real-world problems. His ability to build scalable applications from top to bottom is what makes him special. Currently, he is on a mission to make things easier, faster, and cheaper using blockchain. Also, he is looking at ways to prevent corruption, fraud, and to bring transparency to the world using blockchain.


About the reviewers

Nikhil Bhaskar is the founder and CEO of Ulixir Inc—a newly founded tech company that builds decentralized and traditional software. He completed B9lab's Ethereum Developer Course, and he is now a certified Ethereum developer. Aside from running Ulixir, he spends his time traveling and eating. He is a bit of a digital nomad; this year, he's lived in five countries and plans to live in six more before the year ends.

Ivan Turkovic is a geek, visionary, start-up enthusiast, writer, blogger, mentor, and advisor. He wrote the book PhoneGap Essentials. Since 2011 he has had a strong interest in Bitcoin and blockchain. In 2013 he co-founded a social start-up, Babberly, which was among the first to use gamification with the help of blockchain.

He is focused on bringing value to the internet users. He employs the latest technologies to build empowering web products and intuitive user experiences. He's interested in technology, entrepreneurship, education, behavior psychology, product management, and marketing. He runs Blaeg, a company that helps start-ups get off the ground with their blockchain technology.

Anand V. is a technology architect who has more than 20 years of experience in IT. He has worked with Verizon Communications, Cognizant, HP, HCL, and Oracle. Currently, he is the managing partner of Anasup Consulting and works with clients on emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT, cybersecurity, and AI. He is also a specialist in the DevSecOps area and acts as a mentor to many start-up companies. He is a public speaker and regularly writes articles in journals as well as online channels.








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