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Jupyter Cookbook

By : Dan Toomey
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Jupyter Cookbook

By: Dan Toomey

Overview of this book

Jupyter has garnered a strong interest in the data science community of late, as it makes common data processing and analysis tasks much simpler. This book is for data science professionals who want to master various tasks related to Jupyter to create efficient, easy-to-share, scientific applications. The book starts with recipes on installing and running the Jupyter Notebook system on various platforms and configuring the various packages that can be used with it. You will then see how you can implement different programming languages and frameworks, such as Python, R, Julia, JavaScript, Scala, and Spark on your Jupyter Notebook. This book contains intuitive recipes on building interactive widgets to manipulate and visualize data in real time, sharing your code, creating a multi-user environment, and organizing your notebook. You will then get hands-on experience with Jupyter Labs, microservices, and deploying them on the web. By the end of this book, you will have taken your knowledge of Jupyter to the next level to perform all key tasks associated with it.
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About the author

Dan Toomey has been developing applications for over 20 years. He has worked in a variety of industries and companies of all sizes, in roles ranging from sole contributor to the VP/CTO level. For the last 10 years or so, he has been contracting with companies in the eastern Massachusetts area, under Dan Toomey Software Corp. Dan has also written a few books with Packt Publishing.



About the reviewers

Nikhil Borkar holds the CQF designation and a PG degree in Quantitative Finance from the University of Mumbai. He works as an independent fintech and legal consultant. Prior to this, he was with Morgan Stanley Capital International as a Global RFP Project Manager. He has worked on Quantitative Finance and economic research projects using R, Python, and Excel VBA. He loves to approach problems in a multidisciplinary, holistic way. He is actively working on machine learning, AI, and deep learning projects.





Nikhil Akki started his career in IT support, and within a couple of years shifted to sales and marketing (after pursing MBA). Nikhil works at Deloitte in Mumbai as data science consultant. He has hands-on experience in building enterprise-grade - NLP, machine learning, and recommender system-based applications for his clients. He is often found taking up MOOCs and Kaggle problems. Prior to his current role, he taught Business Statistics at postgraduate level in an upcoming B-School in South Mumbai.





Juan Tomás Oliva Ramos is an environmental engineer from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, with a master's degree in administrative engineering and quality. He has over five years of experience in management and development of patents, technological innovation projects, and technological solutions through statistical control of processes. He has been a teacher of statistics, entrepreneurship, and technological development since 2011. He has developed prototypes via programming and automation technologies for improvement of operations, which have been registered for patents.


I want to thank God for giving me the wisdom and humility to review this book. I thank Rubén for inviting me to collaborate on this adventure. I want to thank my wife, Brenda, our two magic princesses (Maria Regina and Maria Renata) and Angel Tadeo), All of you are my strengths, happiness and my desire to look for the best for you.






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