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Hands-On Dark Web Analysis

By : Sion Retzkin
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Hands-On Dark Web Analysis

By: Sion Retzkin

Overview of this book

The overall world wide web is divided into three main areas - the Surface Web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web. The Deep Web and Dark Web are the two areas which are not accessible through standard search engines or browsers. It becomes extremely important for security professionals to have control over these areas to analyze the security of your organization. This book will initially introduce you to the concept of the Deep Web and the Dark Web and their significance in the security sector. Then we will deep dive into installing operating systems and Tor Browser for privacy, security and anonymity while accessing them. During the course of the book, we will also share some best practices which will be useful in using the tools for best effect. By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience working with the Deep Web and the Dark Web for security analysis
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
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What is Qubes OS?

Qubes OS is another security, privacy, and anonymity-focused operating system. The developers designed it with the belief that, currently, there's no tool or software that can completely protect us from zero-day attacks (attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities, which have, so far, not been discovered by the software vendor, and hence they have no patches or fixes yet, and can be exploited by hackers) and sophisticated hackers, who use tools and attacks that can bypass most, if not all, of an organization's defenses, be it firewall, antivirus, or another tool.

So, they came up with a great idea: compartmentalization, separating what we do on the computer into securely isolated compartments, which the developers named qubes.

Applications' hardware and sessions can be separated into their own secure qube, providing strict separation from the other qubes, and, this way, if the user surfs to a compromised website, and the user's browser is infected by malware, no other part...