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Building Multicopter Video Drones

By : Ty Audronis
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Building Multicopter Video Drones

By: Ty Audronis

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Building Multicopter Video Drones
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Programming your guidance system and remote

Before attempting to program your multicopter, you should first and foremost make sure you don't have any propellers attached to your motors. Also, make sure you've installed all your software (that came with your guidance system) on your laptop.

Connect your USB cable to your multicopter, and get ready … it's time to power on your multicopter for the first time. Turn on your radio control unit, and then connect your battery. Don't be alarmed if you hear a sudden loud beep. This is your ESCs using the magnetic fields of your motors to let you know they are connected and working.


If you see any smoke, hear a fizzle, or smell something funny … disconnect your battery immediately. This means you have a short somewhere. If you allow electricity to continue flowing, you could start a fire. So, needless to say … conduct your programming in a safe environment with a laptop computer. Make sure you also have an Internet connection available.

Now that your...