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Arduino Home Automation Projects

By : Marco Schwartz
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Arduino Home Automation Projects

By: Marco Schwartz

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Arduino Home Automation Projects
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Chapter 6. Hack a Commercial Home Automation Device

In the previous chapters, we used Arduino boards and other components to build home automation systems from scratch. In this chapter, we are going to take another approach to building home automation systems.

We will take a basic power switch that you can easily buy off the shelf in stores and hack it by inserting an Arduino system inside it. This way, we are going to build a USB-controlled power switch based on Arduino.

The following will be the major takeaways from this chapter:

  • First, we are going to see how to choose the device to hack, and which components you will need to hack the device. We are also going to take care of the different software modules needed.

  • Then, we will open up the device to hack and replace most of what is inside with an Arduino board and a relay module.

  • We will then upload some code to the Arduino board to check if the hardware is working correctly. At this stage, we are already going to command the device remotely...