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Arduino Home Automation Projects

By : Marco Schwartz
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Arduino Home Automation Projects

By: Marco Schwartz

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Arduino Home Automation Projects
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Fabricating the board

When the design step is over, it is time to fabricate the board, order the components, and build it. In this section, we are going to see how to do each of these steps.

For the first step, I usually use the services of OSH Park to build my boards in a small series. It's cheap, fast, and you can send your EAGLE design files directly without having to convert them to another format. You can also use the services from other manufacturers, such as Seeedstudio or Iteadstudio. The link to access the manufacturing services of OSH Park is as follows:

From the main page, it is really easy to get your board fabricated. You just have to upload your EAGLE board file and the website will automatically analyze it. You will then be taken to the following confirmation page:

You will then be asked to enter some more details, and you will be able to order and pay for your board. About two weeks later, you will receive it in your mail.

For the second step, which is ordering...