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Learning Raspbian

By : William Harrington
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Learning Raspbian

By: William Harrington

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Learning Raspbian
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Redirection in bash

One of the more advanced features of bash are the redirection operators. These operators allow you to divert the input or output of a command to another command or file. While this sounds simple, it is an extremely powerful feature. There are several redirection operators built into bash, as shown here:




This is a general-purpose command that chains similar to >


This redirects the output of a command to a file


This reads a file and passes it to the command


This appends the output of the command to a file

Redirection operators

The | operator is a general-purpose command-changing tool. A simple example of this is to use it with cat and the program more. The more program is a simple program that lets you move backward and forward throughout a file on the screen in order to read it. The more command gets the data that you want to read from the cat command. The | operator connects two programs together.

The more and...