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Raspberry Pi Sensors

By : Rushi Gajjar
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Raspberry Pi Sensors

By: Rushi Gajjar

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Raspberry Pi Sensors
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Chapter 6. Uploading Data Online – Spreadsheets, Mobile, and E-mails

So far, we have observed the data calculated by the RasPi, but we did not take care of the data. It has been generated, observed, and discarded after making some decisions. In the previous chapter, we logged some of the data in .csv files, which looked like an old school way to record the data. This data is very useful when it is logged to the Internet. How would it be if we set up the RasPi to send data every second from our home and to see the graph of the parameters from any corner of the world? How would it be if you were notified by an e-mail if there were any critical conditions? Wouldn't it be nice if the analysis of the data were sent to you by an e-mail at the end of the day?

I know that we are always worried about our home when we are on holiday or even in the office. There could be a lot of data to take care of when you are away from your place, for example, temperature, humidity, motion, fire alerts, unauthorized...