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Laravel 5 Essentials

By : Martin Bean
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Laravel 5 Essentials

By: Martin Bean

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Laravel 5 Essentials
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String and text manipulation

The string manipulation functions are found in the Illuminate\Support namespace and are callable on the Str object.

Most of the functions also have shorter snake_case aliases. For example, the Str::endsWith() method is identical to the global ends_with() function. We are free to use whichever one we prefer in our application.

Boolean functions

The following functions return the true or false values:

  • The is method checks whether a value matches a pattern. The asterisk can be used as a wildcard character as shown here:

    Str::is('projects/*', 'projects/php/'); // Returns true
  • The contains method, as shown in the following code, checks whether a string contains a given substring:

    Str::contains('Getting Started With Laravel', 'Python');
    // returns false
  • The startsWith and endsWith methods, as shown in the following code, check whether a string starts or ends with one or more substrings:

    Str::startsWith('.gitignore', '.git'); // Returns true
    Str::endsWith('index.php', ['html', 'php']); // Returns true

As you can see from the preceding examples, these methods are handy for validation filenames and similar data.

Transformation functions

In some cases, you need to transform a string before displaying it to the user or using it in a URL. Laravel provides the following helpers to achieve this:

  • This function generates a URL-friendly string:

    Str::slug('A/B testing is fun!');
    // Returns "ab-testing-is-fun"
  • This function generates a title where every word is capitalized:

    Str::title('getting started with laravel');
    // Returns 'Getting Started With Laravel'
  • This function caps a string with an instance of a given character:

    Str::finish('/one/trailing/slash', '/');
    Str::finish('/one/trailing/slash/', '/');
    // Both will return '/one/trailing/slash/'
  • This function limits the number of characters in a string:

    Str::limit($value, $limit = 100, $end = '...')
  • This function limits the number of words in a string:

    Str::words($value, $words = 100, $end = '...')

Inflection functions

The following functions help you find out the plural or singular form of a word, even if it is irregular:

  • This function finds out the plural form of a word:

    // Returns 'cats'
    // Returns 'fish'
    // Returns 'monkeys'
  • This function finds out the singular form of a word:

    // Returns 'elf'