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Gitolite Essentials

By : Sitaram Chamarty
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Gitolite Essentials

By: Sitaram Chamarty

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Gitolite Essentials
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The syntax of access control rules

The access control list has a simple structure. Briefly, it is structured like this:

repo <one or more repos or repo-groups>
    <permission>    <zero or more refexes>  =  <one or more users or user-groups>

A conf file has one or more repo lines. Each repo line contains the word repo, followed by one or more repository names or repository-group names (we'll discuss groups later in this chapter). These repository or group names must all be on the same line.

Each repo line is followed by one or more access rules that apply to this set of repositories or groups. An access rule consists of the following:

  • A permission field (for example, R, RW, and so on)

  • Zero or more refexes (refexes are detailed in the next section, but one example refex you have already seen is dev/)

  • An = sign to serve as a separator

  • And finally a list of users or user-group names