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Parallel Programming with Python

By : Jan Palach, Jan Palach V Cruz da Silva
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Parallel Programming with Python

By: Jan Palach, Jan Palach V Cruz da Silva

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Parallel Programming with Python
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Understanding interprocess communication

Interprocess communication (IPC) consists of mechanisms that allow the exchange of information among processes.

There are several means to implement IPC, and in general, they depend on the chosen architecture for the runtime environment. In some cases, for example, where processes run on the same machine, we could use various types of communication, such as shared memory, message queues, and pipes. When processes are physically distributed in clusters, for instance, we could use sockets and Remote Procedure Call (RPC).

In Chapter 5, Using Multiprocessing and ProcessPoolExecutor, we verified the use of regular pipes among other things. We also studied the communication among processes that have a common parent process. But, sometimes it is necessary to perform communication between unrelated processes (processes with different parent processes). We might ask ourselves if the communication between unrelated processes could be done through their addressing...