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Learning Boost C++ Libraries

By : Arindam Mukherjee
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Learning Boost C++ Libraries

By: Arindam Mukherjee

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Learning Boost C++ Libraries
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Self-test questions

For multiple choice questions, choose all options that apply:

  1. How does Boost Range help Boost Algorithms provide a better interface?

    a. Any character range expressed as a single argument, not iterator pair

    b. It is faster than iterator pairs

    c. It supports C-style arrays, and is extensible to other abstractions

    d. It provides better exception safety

  2. Which algorithm produces the shortest code for searching all substrings matching a search string or pattern?

    a. boost::find_all

    b. boost::find_all_regex

    c. boost::find_first

    d. boost::regex_iterator

  3. Which of these are tokenizer functions provided by the Boost Tokenizer library?

    a. boost::char_separator

    b. boost::split

    c. boost::escaped_list_separator

    d. boost::tokenizer

  4. The regular expression "\ba.*a" matches which part of the string "two giant anacondas creeping around"?

    a. "ant anacondas creeping a"

    b. "anacondas creeping a"

    c. "ant anaconda"

    d. "anaconda"

  5. Which of the following is true of boost::smatch?

    a. It is a specialization of boost:: match_results...