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Learning Boost C++ Libraries

By : Arindam Mukherjee
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Learning Boost C++ Libraries

By: Arindam Mukherjee

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Learning Boost C++ Libraries
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About the Reviewers

Michael Medin is a senior developer and lead architect of the NSClient++ project. He is an avid C++ developer and has been developing open source software using C++ and the Boost library for longer than he cares to remember.

Anthony Shoumikhin is yet another geek who loves hacking, cycling, swimming, and occasional work at Microsoft.

He grew up in Ukraine and spent his early years in a city of rocket science and secret technologies—Dnipropetrovsk. These days, he works in Redmond, WA, on an upcoming release of Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS.

In his spare time, he creates full-stack mobile apps and funny low-level system hacks on Mac OS X and Linux (mostly in his beloved C++ empowered with Boost).

Drew Tennenbaum was introduced to programming at the age of 12. As a present, his parents gave him his first computer, a Commodore 64. A family friend purchased a book titled, Assembly Language for Kids: Commodore 64. Bored one night, he began reading the book and instantly found attraction in learning how to make a machine perform specific tasks. He quickly took to assembly language, which is now the foundation for much of what he works on today.

He attended the University of Arizona, where he received a BS degree in Computer Science and Math.

Since graduating from university in 1997, he has worked on a vast array of technologies, ranging from video games to embedded devices. He spent many years working on massively multiplayer online video games. In 2011, he was a Technical Director at BioWare, helping launch Star Wars: The Old Republic. More recently, he managed the development of the Appstore for Amazon's line of hardware devices, including the Kindle and Fire TV. In early 2015, he founded Titan Labs. Titan Labs is a small boutique consulting firm based in sunny Southern California.

In his spare time, he enjoys riding one of his many motorcycles and also holds an amateur motorcycle racing license.

Sergey Zubkov is a former biochemistry researcher who became a C++ programmer. He is currently working at Morgan Stanley and spends his free time updating