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Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development

By : Sudheer Jonna
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Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development

By: Sudheer Jonna

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Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development
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Waypoint as a scroll context component and its features

Waypoint creates modern UI design trends such as a one-page site depending upon scroll position on a page and performs execution of a custom logic when you scroll to a specified element. This component is mostly used for lazy-loading data as a user scrolls the page. It supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling.

The Waypoint component supports only the reached event, which is used either by JavaScript or Ajax behavior components. When the scroll goes past the element, the callback function is called to access the scrolling direction ("down", "up", "left", and "right") and the current Waypoint object.

Waypoint supports the following useful client-side widget methods to work with modern UI designs:

  • enable()

  • disable()

The Waypoint component supports the following list of features or use cases:

  • Infinite scrolling

  • Sticky elements

  • Dial controls

  • Scroll analytics

Infinite scrolling

Infinite scrolling works with the optional remoteCommand component...