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FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints

By : Sebastien Drouyer
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FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints

By: Sebastien Drouyer

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FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints
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In this chapter, we built a basic microblogging application that supports several features such as user subscription, authentication, post creation, and profile pages. We have seen that an API can be implemented without any code duplication and much effort, if it is handled correctly. We have also used Mustache, a language-agnostic template engine, which allowed us to use the same views in the server (PHP) and client (JavaScript) sides. Finally, we have used unit tests to check whether the features of our application are behaving as expected.

In the next chapter, we will introduce you to Novius OS, a Content Management System based on the FuelPHP framework.