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Spring Cookbook
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About the Reviewers

Alexandre Arcanjo de Queiroz is a Brazilian software developer who graduated from the Faculty of Technology of Sao Paulo, a renowned institution in his country. He has experience in developing backend and frontend applications using the Java EE platform in the Unix environment.

Currently, he is working at Geofusion. It is the leader in geomarketing in Brazil and offers an online platform called OnMaps, which is indispensable for companies seeking expansion and assistance in more accurate decision making.

Stanojko Markovik is an accomplished software engineer, team leader, and solutions architect.

Although he is versatile in many technologies across the board, he specializes in Spring for enterprise apps and Android for mobile.

He's keen on building high-performance applications that are optimized in all layers and are used by millions of users across all continents.

He's currently working at Dashlane, building the best password manager in the world in order to rid users of their need to enter another password ever again. The app he is building has been featured on the Google Play Store multiple times and is used by millions of users.

Stanojko was also the technical reviewer for Instant Spring for Android Starter, a book that explains how to use the Spring framework on the Android platform.

Bert Van den Brande is a passionate developer with almost 15 years of experience in the software consultancy world. He has been working in the telecoms industry for the last 4 years. He started his career as a Java and Smalltalk developer. For the last half a decade, his focus has been on Java, Groovy, and team coaching.