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Learning ArcGIS Geodatabases

By : Hussein Nasser
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Learning ArcGIS Geodatabases

By: Hussein Nasser

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Working with annotations

Once you complete the geodatabase, you may want to visualize it by creating a map. An important element of a map is labeling, where features are labeled based on their values, giving richness to the map. If you are familiar with ArcMap, you might have done labeling before. However, labeling is done in the map and labels are generated and placed dynamically. This might not be efficient for a large set of features. That's why we are interested in another method of labeling using what we call the annotation class.


Labeling is a property of a map where a text label is placed on each feature, pointing to a single or a combination of attribute values in that feature.

An annotation class is a geodatabase dataset used to label features in a feature class.

Our Belize client has asked us to label all their venues with their names. For this, we will use annotation. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your Belize_Basemap.mxd file. You should see the Diner's layers as...