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Mastering Python High Performance

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Mastering Python High Performance

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About the Reviewers

Erik Allik is a self-taught multilingual, multiparadigm full-stack software engineer. He started programming at the age of 14. Since then, Erik has been working with many programming languages (both imperative and functional) and various web and non-web-related technologies.

He has worked primarily with Python, Scala, and JavaScript. Erik is currently focusing on applying Haskell and other innovative functional programming techniques in various industries and leveraging the power of a mathematical approach and formalism in the wild.

Mike Driscoll has been programming in Python since 2006. He enjoys writing about Python on his blog at Mike has coauthored Core Python refcard for DZone. He recently authored Python 101 and was a technical reviewer for the following books by Packt Publishing:

  • Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming

  • Python 2.6 Graphics Cookbook

  • Tkinter GUI Application Development Hotshot

Enrique Escribano lives in Chicago and is working as a software engineer at Nokia. Although he is just 23 years old, he holds a master's of computer science degree from IIT (Chicago) and a master's of science degree in telecommunication engineering from ETSIT-UPM (Madrid). Enrique has also worked as a software engineer at KeepCoding and as a developer intern at Telefonica, SA, the most important Spanish tech company.

He is an expert in Java and Python and is proficient in using C/C++. Most of his projects involve working with cloud-based technologies, such as AWS, GAE, Hadoop, and so on. Enrique is also working on an open source research project based on security with software-defined networking (SDN) with professor Dong Jin at IIT Security Lab.

You can find more information about Enrique on his personal website at You can also reach him on LinkedIn at

Mosudi Isiaka is a graduate in electrical and computer engineering from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. He demonstrates excellent skills in numerous aspects of information and communication technology. From a simple network to a mid-level complex network scenario of no less than one thousand workstations (Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP), along with a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 Active Directory domain controller deployed in more than a single location, Mosudi has extensive experience in implementing and managing a local area network. He has successfully set up a data center infrastructure, VPN, WAN link optimization, firewall and intrusion detection system, web/e-mail hosting control panel, OpenNMS network management application, and so on.

Mosudi has the ability to use open source software and applications to achieve enterprise-level network management solutions in scenarios that cover a virtual private network (VPN), IP PBX, cloud computing, clustering, virtualization, routing, high availability, customized firewall with advanced web filtering, network load balancing, failover and link aggregation for multiple Internet access solutions, traffic engineering, collaboration suits, network-attached storage (NAS), Linux systems administration, virtual networking and computing.

He is currently employed as a data center manager at One Network Ltd., Nigeria. Mosudi also works with ServerAfrica( as a managing consultant (technicals).

You can find more information about him at You can also reach him at