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Beginning Swift

By : Rob Kerr, Kåre Morstøl
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Beginning Swift

By: Rob Kerr, Kåre Morstøl

Overview of this book

Take your first foray into programming for Apple devices with Swift.Swift is fundamentally different from Objective-C, as it is a protocol-oriented language. While you can still write normal object-oriented code in Swift, it requires a new way of thinking to take advantage of its powerful features and a solid understanding of the basics to become productive.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)


In the last couple of lessons, you've learned all the key building blocks needed to build feature-rich, robust Swift programs:

  • In Lesson 1, Swift Basics, you learned key language basics: using variables, optionals, data types, and essential Swift code syntax

  • In Lesson 2, Swift Operators and Control Flow, you learned the fundamental structures you need to build logic and express the core flow of your application: control flow, looping structures, and the range of operators Swift supports

  • In this lesson, you began taking your Swift skills to the next level by creating functions, handling exceptions, and defining your own data types using struct and class language features

In the next couple of lessons, you'll continue to build your Swift knowledge by learning more advanced language concepts, including the following:

  • Using and extending Swift collections

  • Using Swift's sophisticated and powerful Unicode String structure and protocols

  • Using Swift's functional programming and lazy operations...