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Beginning Swift

By : Rob Kerr, Kåre Morstøl
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Beginning Swift

By: Rob Kerr, Kåre Morstøl

Overview of this book

Take your first foray into programming for Apple devices with Swift.Swift is fundamentally different from Objective-C, as it is a protocol-oriented language. While you can still write normal object-oriented code in Swift, it requires a new way of thinking to take advantage of its powerful features and a solid understanding of the basics to become productive.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)

Chapter 4. Collections

In the previous lesson, we looked into building Swift functions, error handling, and developing fully-featured Swift programs. We also briefly looked at a few OOP features.

In this lesson, we will work extensively with Swift's collections, such as arrays, sets, and dictionaries.

The Swift Standard Library ( is automatically imported into all Swift code, and contains basic types such as Int, Double, Bool, Optional, and more. It is primarily organized around protocols, because Swift is a Protocol-Oriented language (

The root protocol for collections, which they all inherit from, is Sequence. All a type needs to conform to it is the ability to provide one value at a time, until it is empty, at which point it will output nil. This simple requirement provides a long list of methods (