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Advanced Penetration Testing

By : Wil Allsopp
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Advanced Penetration Testing

By: Wil Allsopp

Overview of this book

Today's threats are organized, professionally-run, and very much for-profit. Advanced Penetration Testing?goes beyond Kali Linux and Metasploit and to provide you advanced pen testing for high security networks. This book integrates social engineering, programming, and vulnerability exploits into a multidisciplinary approach for targeting and compromising high security environments. From discovering and creating attack vectors, and moving unseen through a target enterprise, to establishing command and exfiltrating data—even from organizations without a direct Internet connection—this guide contains the crucial techniques that provide a more accurate picture of your system's defense. Custom coding examples use VBA, Windows Scripting Host, C, Java, JavaScript, Flash, and more, with coverage of standard library applications and the use of scanning tools to bypass common defensive measures. By the end of this book, you’ll be in a position to detect threats and defend your high security network.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)
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It's been necessary to cover a lot of ground in this chapter using technologies you may not be familiar with. I suggest working through the following exercises to gain confidence with the concepts, though doing so is not a prerequisite for proceeding to the next chapter.

  1. Implement the C2 infrastructure as described in this chapter using C and libssh. Alternatively, use whatever programming language and libraries you are familiar with.
  2. Implement a C2 dropper in VBS that downloads a custom payload as shellcode rather than as an .exe and injects it directly into memory. Use the API calls from the initial VBA script.
  3. Assuming your payload had to be deployed as shellcode within a VBA script, how would you obfuscate it, feed it into memory one byte at a time, and execute it? Use VirusTotal and other resources to see how AV engines react to these techniques.