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Kali Linux CTF Blueprints

By : Cameron Buchanan
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Kali Linux CTF Blueprints

By: Cameron Buchanan

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Kali Linux CTF Blueprints
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Scenario 3 – pick up the phone

In this section, we are going to create several devices probing for Wi-Fi networks that will allow individuals to test their ability to identify phone ownership or details without touching the phone. The setup from this scenario can be used in three different ways, so there are three exploit guides for this scenario.

Remember when I said that that the -e operator was important in the WEP setup; this is why.


I like to use phones for this, but you can use different devices: laptops, PCs, toasters—anything with a wireless interface. Basically, the premise of this exercise is to prepopulate multiple devices with probe request profiles. Basically, when Wi-Fi is turned on, on any device, it probes out for networks that it has previously connected to. As a professional malicious user, you can listen to these and make judgments about people. Judging people is fun!

So, in order to populate the phones with the networks, we need to create them. So, we go back off to...