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Mobile Web Performance Optimization

By : S. S. Niranga
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Mobile Web Performance Optimization

By: S. S. Niranga

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With users increasingly accessing the web on mobile devices, it’s crucial to make sure your website is built to seamlessly fit this radical change in user behavior. Mobile Web Performance Optimization is designed to help you do exactly that – it’s been created to help you build fast, and mobile-user-friendly websites and applications. Featuring guidance through a range of techniques and tools essential to modern mobile development, this accessible guide will make sure you’re delivering a seamless and intuitive experience for your website’s users. Begin by exploring the fundamental components of mobile web design and website optimization, before learning how to put the concepts into practice. Featuring cross-platform solutions, insights on developing lightweight yet robust UI, and insights on how to successfully manage data, this application development book takes you through every stage in the development process – so you can be confident that you’re asking the right questions and using the best tools in the most effective way. By the end, you’ll understand implicitly what it means to ‘build for performance’- you’ll be a more confident developer, capable of building projects that adapt to a changing world.
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Mobile Web Performance Optimization
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Invest for performance

Performance budget is an excellent way to ensure performance remains part of the project. However, as we discussed earlier, the budget must be defined as soon as possible. If you are half way through a project without a performance budget, you will have a difficult time to convince the stakeholders or top management. Also, by then, there may already be approved designs or features that immediately crush whatever budget you may have needed to set.

Another important thing is that when you define the budget, and as you enforce it, you should already know what content needs to be on the page. When you allocate a performance budget to your project, it should help you to decide how to display your content, rather than not what content to display. Removing content from your page is not a strategy of performance.