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Industrial Cybersecurity

By : Pascal Ackerman
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Industrial Cybersecurity

By: Pascal Ackerman

Overview of this book

With industries expanding, cyber attacks have increased significantly. Understanding your control system’s vulnerabilities and learning techniques to defend critical infrastructure systems from cyber threats is increasingly important. With the help of real-world use cases, this book will teach you the methodologies and security measures necessary to protect critical infrastructure systems and will get you up to speed with identifying unique challenges.Industrial cybersecurity begins by introducing Industrial Control System (ICS) technology, including ICS architectures, communication media, and protocols. This is followed by a presentation on ICS (in) security. After presenting an ICS-related attack scenario, securing of the ICS is discussed, including topics such as network segmentation, defense-in-depth strategies, and protective solutions. Along with practical examples for protecting industrial control systems, this book details security assessments, risk management, and security program development. It also covers essential cybersecurity aspects, such as threat detection and access management. Topics related to endpoint hardening such as monitoring, updating, and anti-malware implementations are also discussed.
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The defense-in-depth model

No single solution can truly protect against all attack vectors and plug every security hole of a system. By applying a defense in-depth model and layering protective measures, gaps in the security of one layer can be closed by controls on another layer, creating a holistic security posture. The layering of protective measures is much like how back in the middle ages, a king would protect his gold and jewels in a secret treasure room down in the dungeons of his castle:

The first line or layer of defense were the guards on watch towers, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary approaching the castle surroundings. To that point, the clearing around a castle is a form of defense as well. By keeping an open stretch of land around the castle, there were no easy hiding places for an attacker to use. The second layer of defense was the moat surrounding the castle, often filled with hungry crocodiles as movies would like to have you believe. If a thief made it...