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An Ethical Guide to Cyber Anonymity

By : Kushantha Gunawardana
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An Ethical Guide to Cyber Anonymity

By: Kushantha Gunawardana

Overview of this book

As the world becomes more connected through the web, new data collection innovations have opened up more ways to compromise privacy. Your actions on the web are being tracked, information is being stored, and your identity could be stolen. However, there are ways to use the web without risking your privacy. This book will take you on a journey to become invisible and anonymous while using the web. You will start the book by understanding what anonymity is and why it is important. After understanding the objective of cyber anonymity, you will learn to maintain anonymity and perform tasks without disclosing your information. Then, you’ll learn how to configure tools and understand the architectural components of cybereconomy. Finally, you will learn to be safe during intentional and unintentional internet access by taking relevant precautions. By the end of this book, you will be able to work with the internet and internet-connected devices safely by maintaining cyber anonymity.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Part 1: The Basics of Privacy and Cyber Anonymity
Part 2: Methods and Artifacts That Attackers and Competitors Can Collect from You
Part 3: Concepts and Maintaining Cyber Anonymity

Everything exposed in cyberspace matters

Once we are connected to the internet – which is the case at any given time, everything we share, search, download, access is collected, monitored, stored by multiple entities. These entities can be operating systems, applications, browsers, network connections and even the resources that we access. Even though the public go with I have nothing to hide attitude, hackers, spies and even governments may be interested in all your activities.

This is the reason, some of the countries have built massive filtering systems to monitor and prevent exposing sensitive information. As an example, China has built the Great Firewall of China which is a stronger censorship which prevents access to selected foreign websites and slowdown cross border internet traffic. Using this link, you can check which websites are blocked in China, This will make accessing censored website more difficult from China using censorship...