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Learning Mongoid

By : Gautam Rege
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Learning Mongoid

By: Gautam Rege

Overview of this book

Mongoid helps you to leverage the power of schema-less and efficient document-based design, dynamic queries, and atomic modifier operations. Mongoid eases the work of Ruby developers while they are working on complex frameworks. Starting with why and how you should use Mongoid, this book covers the various components of Mongoid. It then delves deeper into the detail of queries and relations, and you will learn some tips and tricks on improving performance. With this book, you will be able to build robust and large-scale web applications with Mongoid and Rails. Starting with the basics, this book introduces you to components such as moped and origin, and how information is managed, learn about the various datatypes, embedded documents, arrays, and hashes. You will learn how a document is stored and manipulated with callbacks, validations, and even atomic updates. This book will then show you the querying mechanism in detail, right from simple to complex queries, and even explains eager loading, lazy evaluation, and chaining of queries. Finally, this book will explain the importance of performance tuning and how to use the right indexes. It also explains MapReduce and the Aggregation Framework.
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Learning Mongoid
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Origins of Origin

Origin is just an extraction of Mongoid's criteria into its own gem. In the extraction, I rewrote most of it since over the last 3 years the criteria had gotten some unsavory code in it. With the rewrite, I was able to add more functionality to it, like alias handling, better attribute serialization, the ability to pass any object with a proper serializer (like a document itself), and custom merge strategies. Plus it has the bonus that anyone who wants to leverage the API can use it, and doesn't have to be using Mongoid. It supports every single possible query operation MongoDB can do, and would be quite useful in other gems that don't necessarily need a full-blown data mapper, but would like the DSL—Durran Jordan, author of Mongoid gem.

This was in March 2012! The thoughts have indeed been noble! Origin has since then evolved tremendously but still boasts of being an independent entity. Origin is not a data mapper but a querying Domain-Specific Language (DSL). What makes...