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Instant Node Package Manager

By : Juzer Ali
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Instant Node Package Manager

By: Juzer Ali

Overview of this book

Node.js is the new buzz in town and has a vibrant community.It ships with npm, which is a tool that helps automate various development, deployment, and installation of node modules, and makes the process much easier. Instant Node Package Module is a practical guide to authoring and distributing node modules, and also for creating and managing private, standalone node.js projects. Starting with getting node.js installed and running on a variety of platforms, we then proceed to learn about code modularization and achieving it in node.js. Picking up a practical example, we will then explore the whole process and life cycle of conceiving, writing, and publishing a node module. We will also learn how to exploit a toolsincluded with npm to automate various development and deployment steps. Later on, we will discover the power of npm and how its different features and configurations can save large amounts of time by providing a helping hand for automating repetitive tasks between writing and publishing your modules.
Table of Contents (8 chapters)

People and places you should get to know

Knowing a technology also means knowing the community centered around it. Here is a compilation of twitter handles, websites, blogs of people and organizations, from where you can get the latest happenings in the world of node.js. You will also get a lot of inspiration and node.js best practices from these sources.

Articles and tutorials



  • Nodejitsu team has node.js at the core of their PaaS, they often write about their challenges, failures, and successes with node:

  • Isaac Schlueter is a core node.js contributor and is currently leading the node.js development. He is also the author of npm. This is the place where he blogs:

  • Substack has authored more than 100 node modules and he shares his experience, and philosophy on this blog:

  • Planet node.js compiles blogs from a number of sources and has rich content,

  • Strong loop very frequently spreads the news about what is happening in node.js world