Progressive Web Application Development by Example

Progressive Web Application Development by Example

Service Worker Caching Patterns

The internet is great, until you are offline or have poor connectivity. Then it becomes an act of futility as you wait for a page to load that never seems to materialize. Eventually, the request times out and the browser displays a message letting you know you're offline—Chrome is known for its cute offline dinosaur.

Most web traffic comes from smartphones, and many of those connections are made over a cellular connection (GPRS). Cellular networks are great when they work, but often a clean connection to the internet is not guaranteed.

Even in the United States, reliable LTE networks are not ubiquitous. There are several locations near my house where I have no cell coverage. Imagine what it might be like in a less developed area.

This is where service workers and the Cache API can help you out. The combination of these two features enables...

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