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Django 2 by Example

By : Antonio Melé
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Django 2 by Example

By: Antonio Melé

Overview of this book

If you want to learn the entire process of developing professional web applications with Django 2, then this book is for you. You will walk through the creation of four professional Django 2 projects, teaching you how to solve common problems and implement best practices. You will learn how to build a blog application, a social image bookmarking website, an online shop and an e-learning platform. The book will teach you how to enhance your applications with AJAX, create RESTful APIs and set up a production environment for your Django 2 projects. The book walks you through the creation of real-world applications, solving common problems, and implementing best practices. By the end of this book, you will have a deep understanding of Django 2 and how to build advanced web applications.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)

Adding full-text search to your blog

Now, you will add search capabilities to your blog. The Django ORM allows you to perform simple matching operations using, for example, the contains filter (or its case-insensitive version, icontains). You can use the following query to find posts that contain the word framework in their body:

from blog.models import Post

However, if you want to perform complex search lookups, retrieving results by similarity or by weighting terms, you will need to use a full-text search engine.

Django provides a powerful search functionality built on top of PostgreSQL full-text search features. The django.contrib.postgres module provides functionalities offered by PostgreSQL that are not shared by the other databases that Django supports. You can...