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Building RESTful Web Services with Spring 5 - Second Edition

By : Raja CSP Raman, Ludovic Dewailly
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Building RESTful Web Services with Spring 5 - Second Edition

By: Raja CSP Raman, Ludovic Dewailly

Overview of this book

REST is an architectural style that tackles the challenges of building scalable web services. In today's connected world, APIs have taken a central role on the web. APIs provide the fabric through which systems interact, and REST has become synonymous with APIs.The depth, breadth, and ease of use of Spring makes it one of the most attractive frameworks in the Java ecosystem. Marrying the two technologies is therefore a very natural choice.This book takes you through the design of RESTful web services and leverages the Spring Framework to implement these services. Starting from the basics of the philosophy behind REST, you'll go through the steps of designing and implementing an enterprise-grade RESTful web service. Taking a practical approach, each chapter provides code samples that you can apply to your own circumstances.This second edition brings forth the power of the latest Spring 5.0 release, working with MVC built-in as well as the front end framework. It then goes beyond the use of Spring to explores approaches to tackle resilience, security, and scalability concerns. Improve performance of your applications with the new HTTP 2.0 standards. You'll learn techniques to deal with security in Spring and discover how to implement unit and integration test strategies.Finally, the book ends by walking you through building a Java client for your RESTful web service, along with some scaling techniques using the new Spring Reactive libraries.
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About the authors

Raja CSP Raman has been a software developer for 13 years and is the founder of TalentAccurate, an IT skills validation tool that helps start-ups and small companies filter candidates without going through their resume. He also founded Pointopedia, a website that provides 15 lines of information on any topic, without any images or links. Raja likes photography and watching documentaries on history and science.

I'd like to thank my parents, brother, and sister, who guided and encouraged me to write this book. Also, I'd like to thank my TCE (Thiagarajar College of Engineering) classmates who inspired me and helped me focus on my vision. I especially thank Zeeyan, Romy, and other editors for their wonderful guidance throughout this book! Without them, I wouldn't have done it. 


Ludovic Dewaillyis a senior, hands-on software engineer and development manager with over 12 years of experience in designing and building software solutions on platforms ranging from resource-constrained mobile devices to cloud computing systems. He is currently helping FancyGiving (a social shopping, wishing, and gifting platform) with designing and building their system. Ludovic's interests lie in software architecture and tackling web scale challenges.

About the reviewer

Glenn De Paula is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Integrated School and is a computer science graduate from the University of the Philippines. He has 12 years of industry experience, in the government's ICT institute and the banking industry.

He uses Spring, Grails, and JavaScript for his day-to-day activities. He has developed numerous Java web applications for the government and has been the team leader on several projects.

He is consistently involved in systems analysis and design, source code review, testing, implementation, training, and mentoring.

I would like to thank the author of this book, the editors, and our publisher, Packt Publishing, for giving me this opportunity.I would also like to thank my managers and supervisors for mentoring me and trusting me with projects that helped improve my career. A big thank you to my family and friends for all the support. Especially, I thank my wife, Elaine, for all the love and patience.








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