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Learning Bootstrap 4 by Building Projects

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Learning Bootstrap 4 by Building Projects

Overview of this book

Bootstrap, the world’s most popular frontend framework, is an open source toolkit for building web applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learning Bootstrap 4 by Building Projects covers the essentials of Bootstrap 4 along with best practices. The book begins by introducing you to the latest features of Bootstrap 4. You will learn different elements and components of Bootstrap, such as the strict grid system, Sass, which replaced Less, flexbox, Font Awesome, and cards. As you make your way through the chapters, you will use a template that will help you to build different kinds of real-world websites, such as a social media website, a company landing page, a media hosting website, and a profile page, with ease. By the end of this book, you will have built websites that are visually appealing, responsive, and robust.
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We have come a long way from the first websites that were dull and full of text. While they served their purpose back then, today, websites need to be more dynamic and interactive. In addition to fulfilling their purpose, they must also look aesthetically appeasing.

Websites are primarily designed in HTML and CSS, with HTML being used for the structure and CSS helping with the design and the look-and-feel of the website. Having to code every inch of a website can often be a tedious task, which is why there are templates or frameworks that can be modified to get the desired layout of the website.

Bootstrap is this, and so much more! Bootstrap is a framework that provides a template or a layout that can be used as is or can be modified. It allows you to add items such as jumbotrons, lightboxes, sticky menus, and so much more without have to write the tedious coding that's behind it.

Bootstrap 4, the latest version, is a complete rewrite of the older versions. It offers more support and makes it easier to integrate the framework into your website design. It now comes with features such as switching from LESS to Sass, added support for Flexbox, and dropped support for IE8, IE9, and iOS 6. It has also increased the global font size to 16 px, switched from pixels to root ems, and have even rewritten all the components and jQuery plugins.

This version of Bootstrap requires learning things from scratch, and this is exactly what we are offering. We have designed this book to simplify getting your hands on Bootstrap and actually learn using an example-based approach.

In this book, you will get down to the nitty-gritty of Bootstrap 4 by actually building projects in Bootstrap from the ground up. Using five projects, you will learn the different components and features, all the while learning exactly how to put it into use.

The book has been designed in a manner that will help breakdown Bootstrap for you, and won't talk over your head. So, if you have zero experience with Bootstrap, this book has got your covered.