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Python API Development Fundamentals

By : Jack Chan, Ray Chung, Jack Huang
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Python API Development Fundamentals

By: Jack Chan, Ray Chung, Jack Huang

Overview of this book

Python is a flexible language that can be used for much more than just script development. By knowing the Python RESTful APIs work, you can build a powerful backend for web applications and mobile applications using Python. You'll take your first steps by building a simple API and learning how the frontend web interface can communicate with the backend. You'll also learn how to serialize and deserialize objects using the marshmallow library. Then, you'll learn how to authenticate and authorize users using Flask-JWT. You'll also learn how to enhance your APIs by adding useful features, such as email, image upload, searching, and pagination. You'll wrap up the whole book by deploying your APIs to the cloud. By the end of this book, you'll have the confidence and skill to leverage the power of RESTful APIs and Python to build efficient web applications.
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You have probably heard of the term database before. It is basically a data storage system. But why do we need a system to store data? Why can't we just store everything in a text file and save that in the folder system? Apparently, a database does more than just storing data. It classifies and organizes data and helps to store it with less redundancy. It also makes data easier to maintain, making it more it secure and consistent. A database is usually managed by a database management system (DBMS)

Database Management System

A DBMS is an application that maneuvers and manages a database. It facilitates communication between the users and the database. Users can create, use, and maintain the database using this application.

A DBMS is crucial for data security and integrity. Popular database software and DBMSs include PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, and Oracle Database. Most DBMSs use structured query language (SQL) to insert and extract data...