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Building Websites with OpenCms

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Building Websites with OpenCms

Overview of this book

This book takes you through the process of creating content-rich websites and applications using OpenCms. Although powerful and flexible, OpenCms can be daunting on first approach, but its advanced features reward the investment in learning. This book exists to ease Java developers into getting the most from OpenCms. OpenCms OpenCms is a professional-level, open source Website Content Management System, with which you can create and manage complex websites. Based on Java and XML technology, it fits into almost any modern IT environment. With hard-won experience of the practical difficulties faced by developers working with OpenCms, this book is the embodiment of the author's expertise, and the perfect way to master the system.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)
Building Websites with OpenCms
About the Author

Chapter 4. Customizing the Site

We have already talked at length about using the system—creating and editing content, managing projects, and carrying out administrative tasks. Now, it is time to turn our attention to customizing the site. In this chapter, I will explain how to develop the look and feel of published content, adding dynamic elements and controlling resources. We will cover:

  • Working with templates

  • Using OpenCms JSP tag libraries

  • Creating JSP scriptlets

  • Managing FlexCache directives

  • Configuring internationalization

Overview of Creating a Site

The goal of this chapter is to provide you with the tools necessary for developing a basic OpenCms site. These skills are necessary for developing the site:

  • Configuring the backend for editors/writers

  • Creating content

  • Creating a basic module to hold templates and JSP files

  • Creating templates (mainly JSP templates)

  • Creating JSP scriptlets

  • Publishing resources to the online project

In the previous chapter, we have already covered the first two—configuring...