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Mastering vRealize Operations Manager

By : Chris Slater, Scott Norris
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Mastering vRealize Operations Manager

By: Chris Slater, Scott Norris

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Mastering vRealize Operations Manager
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Understanding the Health badge

The Health badge is the first high-level indicator of the overall status of your environment. This is the first badge that should be looked at by an administrator and acted upon as soon as possible. The Health badge shows how your environment or object is right now. This helps in identifying issues that need immediate attention.

As previously mentioned, all major badges in Operations Manager 6.0 are now based on alerts and symptom definitions that determine the overall badge state. This does not imply that the major badges no longer have any relation to their existing minor badges.

For example, in the following screenshot, we can see a VM that is experiencing critically high CPU demand as well as a high number of anomalies. These minor badge alerts are also symptoms that have lead to an alert being applied to the major Health badge.

The Workload badge

The Workload badge indicates how hard an object is working. The score for the Workload badge ranges from 0 being...