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Mastering vRealize Operations Manager

By : Chris Slater, Scott Norris
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Mastering vRealize Operations Manager

By: Chris Slater, Scott Norris

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Mastering vRealize Operations Manager
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Changes to views and reports in Operations Manager 6.0

I just stated that views and reports are among the new features of vROps 6.0, however that is not entirely the case. Although views and reports, to a degree, existed in vCOps 5.x, their new 6.0 equivalents are so much better that we should probably just pretend that the old versions did not exist. However, let's quickly cover the major differences and new features of views and reports in vROps 6.0.

Views in Operations Manager 5.x versus 6.0

Views did exist in Operations Manager 5.x, however they were mostly a component of the original CapacityIQ product, and as such were generally based on capacity information. These views had display types similar to the new views system such as lists, summaries, trends, and distributions (which will we discuss soon), however they had many limitations. These views were not configurable around the data that was displayed, and as they were part of the vSphere UI, they only showed prebuilt information around...