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Instant Citrix XenApp

By : Andrew Mallett
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Instant Citrix XenApp

By: Andrew Mallett

Overview of this book

Citrix XenApp is the market leader in application hosting and virtualization delivery, allowing users from different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices to connect to their business applications. Using XenApp, you can deploy secure applications quickly to thousands of users. This book takes you through the deployment of your server farm. With the infrastructure in place, you can publish applications to users and manage load balancing within the server farm. Instant Citrix XenApp 6.5 is written to be a quick and effective guide to deploy your Citrix-based remote desktop server farm. You begin by laying out the resources required, such as the Licensing Server, the Web Interface Server, and the XenApp Server. You will then learn their purpose and move onto installing them in their logical order. Next, you can customize the web interface to brand it with your corporate identity. It won't be long before you have already published an application and resources for users and testing gets underway in earnest.
Table of Contents (7 chapters)

People and places you should get to know

Of course, one of the most valuable resources to the XenApp administrator is the XenApp community itself with their fora, wikis, and videos. Citrix plays a big part in this itself.

Official sites

Articles and tutorials

  • Personally, I maintain a list of Citrix tutorials, as well as other technologies and these videos and blogs can be found on my WordPress site at

  • Brian Madden is a VDI expert who blogs relentlessly on Citrix and other technologies at, and he has to be on your must visit sites.


  • You can refer to the blog of Andrew Morgan at Andrew is an independent developer of ThinKiosk, a thin client computing solution, who knows huge amounts about Citrix and related remote access technologies.

  • Ingmar Verheij is one of the most influential people in the XenApp community. His blog entries are well respected and shared at

  • Trond Eirik Haavarstein maintains the XenApp blog. A Citrix professional for many years, his site is current and up-to-date at